Assos Equipe RS Spring/Fall Aero SS Jersey 2/3

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The fully loaded race/training jersey for spring and fall, merging light insulation, built-in ventilation, and an aero fit.

For race conditions that often bookend the road season, those ultralight mesh summer jerseys don’t cut it. Cold winds and cool weather necessitate added thermal core protection, which is where our Spring Fall Aero SS Jersey steps in.

We know that when our bodies’ RPMs remain high, less is more. This is why we designed a lightweight thermal jersey with short sleeves and climate-control features, as we often add and subtract warmers and a vest throughout the duration of the race. The first thing you’ll notice are two “valves” on the fronts of the shoulders. This ASSOS-exclusive feature acts like a set of air vents that draws in cool air from the outside and injects it between the jersey’s two layers of fabric. Why not just unzip? We constructed the jersey with two layers in our twinDeck construction, essentially pairing a light thermal face fabric with a super stretchy outer panel to create an aerodynamic insulated race jersey. But when we’re going full-gas, preserving a tucked profile yet still needing a touch of body-cooling ventilation, unzipping isn’t always an option. This design solves the issue, resulting in a regulated core body temperature, without sacrificing aerodynamics.

The sleeves are made with our SONIC textile, a highly elastic ribbed fabric that both molds to the arms and delivers light insulation with its brushed skin-facing side. The raw edges round out the package, along with our color-coded Triple Ramp Pockets, metal camlock zipper, and ultralight ribbed rear hem.