OPEN U.P. Review

The OPEN U.P. has been one of our most popular bikes. Riders from all disciplines have been loving the ride and the adventures they have gone on with this wonderful machine. Easily adapting from road machine, gravel grinder, cross racer, single track beast, or even as a Sunday Coffee bike.

Below is our first published customer review.  If you are a customer of ours, and would like to share your experiences please forward them to us at


“Well she went into the wild. I put on the 28

[cc] [Continental GP]

4000 tires. If I owned one bike this would be it. Set my season best so far during 1 hr TT test in the marsh.

You sit into the bike and that is nice. I really like disk brakes. First things you notice is the drive train and how smooth everything is. Next the Frame


seat post really absorbs bumps. Would (will) be a super Gran Fondo bike.

Pretty stiff, I did a 1hr TT effort and the frame is right there. Was averaging 33 k in the marsh on pretty rough roads mostly into the wind. Tires really absorbed well.

The bars are nice. Feel wider, just measured and are wider (44). Perfect for that bike. Just a bit more control on rougher roads.

Seat position, setback is perfect. Bit more upright is good for now. Seems the head tube is not as aggressive, so I can see why will probably lower later.

Overall I think this is an awesome machine and I will spend most of my training time on it. With the wheel flexibility, you can do anything.

Also she is a looker for sure, just a stunning build.

Also cannot believe the Powertap pedals. So happy with them. Just install and ride, just love it.

Something very special about being able to ride the best bikes ever put on the road.”