2021... Here we come!

As we were noticeably quiet through 2020, it wasn't by accident. We used this past year and being closed through most of it as a time of reflection. Through the pause we acknowledged our weaknesses and better understood our strengths. Throughout 2020 we were deeply embraced by our community and customers and also very notably a huge thank you to our landlord Cadillac Fairview. We adapted and we waited with bated breath to start new, in a new year.

2021 will certainly present its fair share of challenges and we aren't out of the woods just yet. The cycling supply chain has never been under such stress and simple items such as inner-tubes and black handlebar tape, things you would never consider as important because of their abundance are now rare items that we need to scavenge to stock. This isn't all bad though, it has given us the opportunity to pare down our offerings to products we love and fully support. Taking the time and energy to only bring in what we feel is the best. This year we will be an appointment based business until the world goes back to some semblance of normal. Our one and only priority will be to our customers and managing their expectations and providing them with the best service possible.

We look forward to a time of groups rides and after parties with all of you and wish you many happy and healthy miles for 2021!