Open is by far our favourite gravel bike. We have sold so many, to so many people, with so many configurations, and so many usages. It really is the swiss army knives of bikes. Unlike some products that are one size fits all and really don't do anything very well, the Open Ups (Uppers) are the exceptions to that rule. Whether you use it as a road bike, a gravel bike, a hardtail mtb with a dropper seatpost, it is at home in all of theses conditions. Further evidence of our love of Opens, is that most of the staff at The 11 have purchased one for their personal fleet.

You can check out Opens full line-up here on their website. 

We do not sell bicycles online. Don't get us wrong, we love selling bikes, but we believe that a personal touch, customer service and interaction is essential to a bike purchase. We want to make sure we put you on the right bike, not just any bike. 

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