The importance of Bianchi to the The 11 is undeniable. There are 3 things that really make this true:

  1. Every person at Bianchi, if you are lucky enough to meet them, will ask you the same question almost as soon as you meet them, how do you like our bike and what do you think we can do to make them better. The result is year after year each and every bike is tweaked and made just that bit better
  2. Every model, whether its their entry level bike or the specialissima are done for a specific usage and idea and really connects well with our customers
  3. The emotion and history of the brand is also undeniable and really in cycling the only brand that commands such respect as can be described as a colour celeste

You can check out the full Bianchi line-up here on their website. 

We do not sell bicycles online. Don't get us wrong, we love selling bikes, but we believe that a personal touch, customer service and interaction is essential to a bike purchase. We want to make sure we put you on the right bike, not just any bike. 

Book an in store appointment here and let us help you pick the perfect bike. 

We do offer a free Virtual Bike Fit to help kick start a new bike purchase. Service is our standard and talking to one of our team members will help get you going on the right path. It is designed to make it easy for you to purchase a new bike with confidence.

One of our team members will take about an hour on the phone to walk you through:

  • Make and Model - Whether it is Road, Mountain, Gravel, Triathlon, or other, purchasing the right make and model for your riding plans.
  • Sizing - Choosing the right size bike using an at home measurement process similar to what we do in store.
  • Accessories - Getting you rolling safely and in style with the right kit. 

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