The 11 is changing. What is version 2?

The 11 is growing again. “We’re refining our customer experience in our store and on our website to create an unrivalled cycling resource for you.” In this interview, The 11’s Heath Cockburn outlines the evolution of The 11.

Q. I hear that the 11inc is changing. What is version 2?

A. Version 2.0  is about us checking in with ourselves, taking a look a look back and  where the store started to what it has become; where we are and where we want to be. The store has met a great deal  of success, and we really want to take the time to continue with this momentum and continue on this path. Version  2.0 isn’t a question of what is changing but more about what ISN’T changing.

Q. I liked the way your retail store was organized with its open spaces and brand areas. Very refreshing. I hope you aren’t changing that.

A. Absolutely not, we love the layout of the store and showcasing our brands in the best light. Really V.2 is going to focus more on that and enhance the experience more for the customer.

Q. Your website has been helpful as a way of staying up-to- date on what is new in-store, but for those who don’t live nearby, will they be able purchase products online?

A. Truthfully, building the Ecom aspect of our website has been a daunting task, re-creating the same experience we provide in-store is difficult, however not everyone lives nearby and we want to be able to offer our customers the opportunity and access to the unique products we carry – some of which you can’t get elsewhere in North America – developing an Ecom site was the logical next step to do that.

Q. Will you be organizing any cycling events, like group rides, cycling travel or other special events? What is the best way to find out about upcoming activities?

A. Absolutely, 2017 will be filled with amazing events. We’ve created a calendar on our website that you can check and always be updated with what’s going on in and out of the store.