The 11 Bike Fit. A bike fitting above and beyond the rest.

Here at The 11 we do a lot of bike fittings. We take a unique approach to providing individual solutions. In this interview with The 11’s Heath Cockburn, he answers some of the questions we frequently hear about The 11 Inc. bike fitting service.

Q. I once had a bike fitting done a few years ago when I was first getting into cycling. I’m not sure how much of an improvement it made. How is The 11 Inc. bike fitting different from other fittings?

A. I think the biggest difference in our bike fitting services is that we have almost no process. By that I mean we take every individual client on a case to case basis, and we work specifically with that customer and their needs.

Q. Why do I need a bike fitting? My current bike is comfortable. Can’t I just pick the closest bike size off the rack and ride my new bike?

A. If your bike is comfortable and you don’t have any issues, that’s great! However in a lot of cases riders put up with things they think is a normal sensation or part of riding a bike, examples: “my seat hurts after 100km’” or “my hands go numb”, even if none of this applies to you, there are constantly innovations and new technologies we want to share with our customers to help make their riding experience better.

Q. I get numbness in my hands sometimes on a long ride. Is this a sign that bike doesn’t fit me correctly?

A. Yes, I would say thats from a bike which doesn’t fit you correctly, we would use our vast bike fitting knowledge and to assess you, and you on your bike, your position and so on to determine the root cause.

Q. I’m trying to improve my time trial results. How would your bike fitting help?

A. We LOVE time trial bike fits, because they are very, very complicated. You have to adhere to certain UCI rules and bike fit standards, that make things pretty interesting and complex; still we do not follow a formulaic approach and put all our clients in that same style or position. We will ascertain and quantify what will make you go the FASTEST!

Q. I think that one of my legs is weaker or shorter than the other, can you help?

A. Absolutely, one of the biggest misconceptions is that leg length discrepancies are are addressed by just inserting shims into your shoe. There are many variations of leg length discrepancies (tibia, femur, pelvic rotation or muscular imbalances to name a few) and therefore many different methods and practices that can help.

Q. Do I need to be an experienced rider or have an expensive bike to take advantage of a fitting?

A. If you ride a bike and you have issues, we can help.

Q. I’m ready to get fitted. What do I need to bring and how long does it take? Should I bring my old bike or any other worn out kit?

A. Typically we book an hour, some fits are quick (5 mins) other take 3 or 4 visits over the course of a few months — ultimately our commitment is to utilize all our equipment to help you ride your bike better. As per what to bring, the best thing to do is call or email and when you’re making the appointment we can suggest what you will be need to bring.