Bianchi as a frame manufacturer is undoubtedly among the best. In addition to their quality – their complete product line is diverse and versatile, ranging from the raciest of road bikes, to the laid back endurance based road machines. The merit of riding a Bianchi extends beyond their technology and through their brand history. There are but a few brands that are synonymous with one particular colour, however Bianchi is able to distinguish themselves with this colour. It’s with great pride that many of the world’s greatest cyclists have proudly ridden the famous “celeste,” a blue-green that is not quite mint and not quite turquoise but better defined as “bianchi celeste.” Pictures express this well, but the celeste is never better exemplified then when the bicycles are seen in real life. The colour in a way tells a history of the brand, unlike any other.


Pinarello is a brand that is defined by racing. Today, they are positioned at the pinnacle of the industry where technology and aesthetic coalesce. Represented at the highest level of racing by Team Sky, like the team, Pinarello is a brand epitomized by their emphasis on marginal gains where fractions of a percentage can be the difference between winning and losing. In essence, the very same technologies used by the world’s best permeate all of Pinarello’s bicycles and designs. Additionally, their collaboration with Jaguar has served to only improve their flagship Pinarello F8 Dogma. As brand Pinarello continues to lead further innovation that has yet to be seen elsewhere in the industry. At The 11, Pinarello is a perfect fit given its principles as a brand – and our strategies are in many ways congruent.


Bicycles in today’s cycling world must be distinct. Italy remains as one of the central regions of the cycling world where many of the world’s leading brands continue to define the road bicycle realm. Amongst a myriad of countless Italian brands, De Rosa has emerged as one of the best. Defined by an unwavering drive to design with performance and aesthetic top of mind, they take great pride in their frames. At the pinnacle, their Black Label series is perhaps one of the most beautiful line-ups of any brand on the market. With models ranging from the classic paradigm of racing bicycles to the pinnacle of technology today – De Rosa stands as a special brand among many others. It fits on our brand list as a welcomed addition to an already strong list.


One of the leaders in bicycle design is BMC. They are known as a brand who will spare no expense in creating the greatest bicycles on the earth. Designed in Switzerland, BMC is undoubtedly described by their technological advances. At cycling’s highest level, their bikes have been ridden to world records, been victorious in Grand Tours and won World Championships. Their palmeres speaks for itself ensuring that any enthusiast who invests in a BMC bicycle has a quality machine. At The 11 – our goal is to elicit a new experience riding, we feel strongly that, like our other brands BMC can be a platform to do so.


Focus is German engineered, and as they proclaim – they are driven by the pursuit of perfection. As such, Focus is a frontrunner in the bicycle industry. Since they are one of largest brands in Germany, they have strong resources behind research and development and a highly motivated team behind their designs. Their engineer’s focus has close ties to the search for the world’s best technologies. They seek perfection, value and performance. They are without doubt centred on an eagerness to enhance the cyclist experience which is exactly in line with The 11’s goals as a bicycle retailer.


Open is a relatively new company that is defining a new category of bikes. They can be described as a bicycle that meets the needs of a cyclist who seeks to ride over almost any terrain. Open bicycles are incredibly versatile relative to anything else on the market. They are a natural fit for any road, hard packed gravel path or certain trails. The company’s latest offering can be defined as a gravel-plus bike – with features that have yet to be seen in the industry. The design premise is based on the identification of several key facts that pertain to wheel diameter of several standards. Their proprietary U.P. technology is designed to allow a cyclist to ride anywhere and ride fast. Given the high level of innovation with their designs and ability to define a new category of bicycles – they are undoubtedly a fit at The 11 – we expect that the riders who invest in an Open will have a renewed cycling experience.


Scott Bicycles is represented as a brand at the pinnacle of the sport and yet they are perhaps not widely identified as a leading brand like other companies of their size. Fittingly, Scott takes pride in their understated position with a quiet confidence with complete knowledge that their technologies and performance send the right message. They are of the mindset that actions speak louder than words, much in the same way their champions function. Most notably, one of their top racers in the world, Svein Tuft, a true Canadian and perhaps one of the most understated sports figures of a generation has powered Scott Bicycles to win or help a teammate win some of the fastest races in the world. We at the 11 like to let our actions speak louder than words. Given their drive to achieve – Scott is a fit with our store.